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Welcome to the internet home of the Sykes family. We are veteran missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

We are passionate about our relationship with the Creator, and we are passionate about sharing with the world how they can have a relationship with Him.

We have been serving in the Dominican Republic since August of 2020!


Our vision

Our Vision is to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples


Our vision is simple. Spiritually invest in people so that they can and will spiritually invest in others. True faith is contagious faith, and true faith is a faith that grows.

How do we accomplish this?: The model that we have found most useful is dual level discipleship. When someone surrenders their life to Christ, we immediately endeavor to immerse them in reading the Word in do-at-home formal style discipleship. This do-at-home discipleship is where we begin the process of laying a strong doctrinal foundation and begin the necessary means of applying critical thinking (an essential process that must be taught and is culturally lacking in many countries due to centuries of tradition).

We not only want to teach facts (doctrine), but also the practical application of those facts in our spiritual life. In other words, how do we apply what we have learned in our everyday life? That is what brings us to the second part of our discipleship process. This next step is very demanding but also very rewarding.

It is the life-on-life discipleship where we meet regularly with people in our home in a very informal setting. As a believer begins to open up their life and spiritual struggles, the discipler can start to deal with real-life issues biblically and give practical answers to life's questions. The discipler also shows the process by which he finds the necessary solutions. The most crucial ingredient in achieving this depth of discipleship is humility and transparency on the part of the discipler. Life-on-life discipleship is a very intensive process and requires significant time and emotional investment, but this is where real transformation takes place, and the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit are evident and visible.

Contact Us


  • 671 CC Road Whitwell, TN 37397


  • Vonage phone (rings in the DR): 423.658.1566

  • Jason Cell (DR): (+1) 849.269.4273

  • Sarah Cell (DR): (+1) 829.747.1942

  • Jason WhatsApp: (+1) 423.290.2706

  • Sarah WhatsApp: (+1) 423.309.6672

  • Our Home Church:
    Gospel Lighthouse Baptist Church
    671 CC Road
    Whitwell, TN 37397
    Pastor: Ron Kuhns (423) 314-7100

  • Our Mission Board
    Baptist International Outreach
    Mailing Address
    PO Box 587
    Jefferson City, TN 37760

  • Physical Address
    1136 Romans Rd.
    Jefferson City, TN 37760
    Phone: (865)262-0900

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