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Washing Her With The Word

One of the distinct and glorious callings that God gives to all husbands consists in washing them in the Word of God. God calls all husbands to love their wives just as Christ also loved the Church. And how did Jesus love His people? By giving Himself up for them so that He might sanctify them and cleanse them by the washing of water with the Word. Jesus sanctifies His people by washing believers in the Word of God -- regularly, consistently, honesty, and necessarily. One of the glorious ways in which Jesus grows His people comes when believers bathe in Scripture and grow in the grace and knowledge of Him in the truths of the Bible.

Husbands are to emulate the example of Jesus toward their own wives. Just as Jesus washes believers in the Word of God, as the ultimate Leader and Husband, so husbands must wash their wives in the Word as a faithful leader in the home. God calls husbands to wash their wives with the Word. Busyness is everywhere. It describes and probably defines you. Your iPhone calendar is probably jam packed with events, activities, and appointments. Yet the man of God must not be too busy for the washing of his wife in the Word of God. This can come in many ways. It may be with family worship as he speaks truth into her life. It may be as the husband and wife together read Scripture and discuss it regularly. It may be around the table as the things of God are read and discussed consistently. But in whatever specific way it occurs, the husband is to take the lead by washing his wife in the Word. That means that -- in the context of the home and the family -- the husband is responsible for the spiritual growth of his wife. He has been given the wondrous privilege of making sure she is with God regularly in the Word.

God calls husbands to wash their wives with frequency. How does Jesus wash you, O Christian? You meet with him regularly in the Word! You long to spend sweet time with him each day in the Scriptures poring over texts and truths and reminders of God’s grace revealed in Christ! You grow as you consistently and frequently bathe, meditate upon, and heed the truths of Scripture. So husbands, learn to do likewise in washing your precious wife with the Word frequently. Brief yet consistent times in the Word of God are better than inconsistent and lengthy, hour-long overloads of Scripture. Keep it consistent and frequent as you lead in the home in washing your wife in the Word.

God calls husbands to wash their wives as a means of sanctification. Leading your wife in the truth of Scripture is one of the God-given gifts to all husbands to see them grow in holiness. Like a little water day by day that causes a plant to grow steadily and healthily, so it is with the growth of a child of God. Like the intake of food regularly and consistently that produces health and growth so it is with the intake of God’s truth to produce growth in grace and conformity to Christ. You, husband, are one of the tools used of God to enhance the sanctification of your wife as you bring her to the means of grace with frequency.

God calls husbands to wash their wives with an eye toward future glorification. Always remember that marriage points to something bigger and more lasting. Your covenantal bond for life with your spouse points you to the everlasting bond that you have with Christ, your ultimate Bridegroom. You live for eternity. You remember your home is heaven. You take encouragement that your citizenship is there. Remember that as you read Scripture with your wife, as you pray with her, as you teach her, as you study the Bible together, you are on a journey -- together! -- to heaven. And as believers, you are kept by the power of God and growing by His marvelous grace. So keep the big picture in mind. Remember that glorification is sure to come for all of God’s children. But till then, you have the unspeakable privilege and honor of taking care of one of God’s daughters and being the resident-pastor in the home. So shepherd her soul well till she stands face to face with the Chief Shepherd who purchased her with His own blood.

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